LOUDER! Music Event Tickets

Tue 19th October, 8pm
Buy tickets online for just £3 (plus 20p for Google)
The Slug and Lettuce.  

Tickets now only available on the door.  Arrive at 8pm to make sure you get some!

Come and listen to the very best musical acts that Cambridge has to offer and top the evening off by drinking a pint of glow stick fluid.

Music from:

Truly Medley Deeply
Flick Brook
Zygmunt Day
Lizi Foan

"This is without doubt the Woodstock of the 21st century" (Louder News)

"Hey duuuudes, dis is gon be whak!!" (Eighties Cool Guy)

"F*** me this is going to be F***ING mental!!" (My Grandma)


Flick's CD

1. Blue
2. The Fact That I
3. Fighting the Urge
4. Streetlight
5. Time On My Hands
6. Sleep Tonight
7. The Way I Want You
8. Unmovable
9. Giant Footprints (bonus track)

Cost: £7
Description: This is Flick's debut album, titled 'Flick Brook', which we recorded with her in Selwyn College Chapel.  We're really excited about it, and hope you enjoy!
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