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We aim to make Cambridge music LOUDER! 
If you enjoy listening to live music, we hope to bring you the best that Cambridge has to offer.  Have a look to see what gigs we've got coming up, and check out our live lounge. Also, check out what CDs we have for sale.
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What do you want?

  • Love music?  We have a great selection of up-and-coming student artists from Cambridge.  You can now listen to some live performances for free, or buy their CDs on our website.  Join our mailing list if you want to hear about when and where they're playing.
  • Upcoming artist?  We offer free music recording if you are studying at the University of Cambridge, or Anglia Ruskin University.  We'll also connect you to gigs and May Balls if you're looking to perform... and if we really like you, we may even help you produce an album and get you on iTunes!                                                                                        e-mail: ed@loudermusic.co.uk
  • Manager for a pub/club?  We can provide you with a fantastic selection of entertainment for an evening, all from students around Cambridge!            e-mail: ed@loudermusic.co.uk
  • May Ball/JCR committee?  We offer sound production, as well as a great network of Cambridge artists to make the sound!                                    e-mail: ed@loudermusic.co.uk
  • Need equipment?  We have a large selection of musical equipment for hire.  Whether you need microphones for recording/voiceover/live performances, a p.a. system, guitar amps, guitars, or keyboards, get in touch!                                          e-mail: ed@loudermusic.co.uk
  • Want a logo/picture/poster designed for your company?  Get in touch with LOUDER! designs, www.louderdesigns.co.uk
  • The latest in fashion?  
  • Want to get involved?  We're always looking for new people to help with our student music project.  New ideas and skills are warmly welcome.  Maybe your organisational skills are second to none?  Maybe you're great with websites?  Maybe you can smash watermelons with your face?  If you want to help, you almost certainly can!                                       
    e-mail: ed@loudermusic.co.uk

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